Symposium « An introduction to agents and knowledge transmission » – 12 mars 2015

Axe 1 "Cognition et coopération"
Quand ? Le 12-03-2015,
de 12:00 à 14:00
Où ? salle 128/129
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Symposium organisé en salle 128 à la MSHS, de 12h à 14h.


Résumé :

Multi-agent systems are complex frameworks that are concerned with reasoning with distributed knowledge. When a community of agents possesses separate pieces of information, the community is far from being able to collaborate. The community will most probably require more complex forms of epistemic logic such as mutual knowledge or common knowledge. Accordingly, models of complexity can be grounded in an analysis of the complexity of the communicative process that agents must carry out to reach a state of shared knowledge.


Intervenants :

Célia DA COSTA PEREIRA (Laboratoire I3S / MinD). « Trusting the Messenger Because of the Message: Feedback Dynamics from Information Quality to Source Evaluation »

Picto_Doc2Nicolas GAUVRIT (Algorithmic Nature Group). « Algorithmic complexity drop during cultural transmission »

Fabien MATHY (BCL)