Symposium « Gestural views of verbal memory » – 9 juillet 2015

Axe 1 "Cognition et coopération"
Quand ? Le 09-07-2015,
de 14:00 à 16:00
Où ? amphi 031
Participants John Everett Marsh
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Many “benchmark” phenomena of short-term memory (phonological similarity effect, word-length effect, irrelevant sound effect, talker-variability effect) are explained using the concept of a dedicated phonological store. Indeed, a number of computational models of the short-term memory phenomena remain faithful to this traditional view.

This symposium will present empirical evidence for an alternative view: that serial shortterm memory performance reflects the action of sequencing processes embodied within general-purpose perceptual input-processing and gestural output-planning systems.

Horaire et lieu : 14h à 16h en amphi 031 à la MSHS.