FAQ Omero

1) My images are not correctly displayed on Omero : there is a clock symbol, how can I manage for that?

When the TIFF images are bigger than 3192x3912 pixels they are converted into a pyramidal format to ease their display in Omero. This conversion is sometimes very slow. One way to proceed is to previously convert the images into a pyramidal format. It can be done very easily by drag and drop into  Imaris File Converter (PC version, Mac version) to get pyramidal .ims files

From : https://docs.openmicroscopy.org/bio-formats/6.3.1/developers/wsi.html

"OMERO handles pyramid generation automatically for files that do not already have a stored pyramid, use a supported pixel type, and have images that exceed a specific XY size. The default XY size threshold is 3192×3192, but this can be configured in OMERO if necessary. Common formats for which a pyramid will be generated include Gatan DM3, MRC, and TIFF. Dedicated whole slide imaging formats such as SVS typically contain their own image pyramid, in which case an OMERO pyramid will not be generated."

For further information, see the OMERO pyramid specification.

 2) How can I install Omero Insight on my old PC 32 bits ?

The solution: https://forum.image.sc/t/omero-insight-on-32-bit-windows/27799
is to download the Linux version: https://github.com/ome/omero-insight/releases/download/v5.5.1/OMERO.insight-5.5.1.zip
Unzip and make a shortcut to the .bat file: OMERO.insight-5.5.1\bin\omero-insight.bat