Lundi 5 décembre 2016 à 15h, salle de conférences iBV. Emmanuel Schaub: " Polarization second harmonic generation microscopy: Principles and applications to biology"

In this talk I will present the general principles of SHG microscopy, and lay stress on the polarization aspects of this microscopy technique. Second harmonic generation imaging is a non-linear microscopy technique which has a growing interest, because it is label free, it provides high contrast images and it has a high specificity. For biomedical applications, it is notably used to study fibers such as collagen, myosin and tubulin. It is fully compatible with real time imaging on living samples. Both SHG and fluorescence imaging can be performed simultaneously on a multiphoton microscope providing complementary information. Compared to fluorescence imaging, SHG is a coherent process that is very sensitive not only to concentration but also to the molecular organization, and it is not affected by photobleaching.
Quand ? Le 05-12-2016,
de 15:00 à 17:00
Où ? Salle cde conférences iBV, Parc Valrose, bâtiment Biochimie
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