Workshop Optics/Bio. Physics of living matter series (June the 3rd, IPMC conference room Sophia Antipolis)


This workshop will focus on Optics, Imaging and Biology. It will features an invited speaker (G. Baffou, Inst. Fresnel, Marseille) and several local speakers for shorter talks from the Nice physics and biology community (researcher and engineers). A few among them will allow to show local skills in optics and materials, not yet oriented toward biology, but with future potential interactions.

03-06-2016 - 09h00 à 14h00 - IPMC, conference room, Sophia Antipolis

Temporary Program:

9h-9h10 : Intro
9h10-9h30 B. Mesmin (IPMC): "Phosphoinositide turnover for fast lipid transport at membrane contact sites."
9h30-9h50: S. Barland (INLN): TBA
9h50-10h10: B. Dussardier (LPMC): TBA
10h10-10h30: F. Doutre (LPMC): TBA
10h30-10h50: Pause café
10h50-11h30: G. Baffou (Fresnel, Marseille) : "Microscopie thermique pour l'imagerie cellulaire."
11h30-11h50: B. Alloing (CRHEA) "GaN-based nanowires : potential light nanosources for biological applications ?"
11h50- 12h10: G. Sandoz (iBV): "Comment télécomander l'activité des gènes et des neurones par la lumière"
12h10-12h40:  S. Schaub (iBV) / D. Alcor (C3M) / F. Brau (IPMC) TBA
12h40-12h50: Conclusion
12h50 - 14h : Buffet, then microscopy equipment visit in IPMC.

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