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L'entreprise au coeur de l'école !

Corporate relations

Polytech Nice Sophia aims to develop strong strategic relationships with companies through work-study placements, industrial projects, carrying out R&D projects, and the participation of stakeholders from our partner companies.

The intervention of industrialists is located at all levels of the school:

  • training (intervention in courses, seminars, tutored projects, educational content, etc.),
  • financial (apprenticeship tax, donation of equipment, award of prizes, etc.),
  • organizational (school council, improvement council, educational model, etc.),
  • internships, alternating training and hires.

The main mission of the corporate relations service is

  • to support students in the development of their professional project,
  • to help companies recruit new employees,
  • to maintain relations between graduates and the school
  • and to foster partnerships.

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Alumni association and Junior

With 15 schools, graduates represent no less than 90,000 graduates. The Amicale des anciens of Polytech Nice Sophia is very present through its actions within the school, in particular with the organization and participation in events. The school also has a Junior Enterprise in which students run their own businesses, solicit and carry out projects for businesses.

Alumni association of Polytech Nice Sophia

Alumni of the Polytech network

Polytech Nice Conseil: Junior enterprise



Véronique Guerin - Responsable du service des relations entreprises