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"The Forest Behind the Trees: Rethinking Multi-Agent Systems for the World Wide Web" by Dr Andrei Ciortea
Quand ? Le 26-06-2019,
de 14:00 à 15:00
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The World Wide Web has evolved drastically over the past decade – and the proliferation of Web APIs has turned it into the middleware of choice for most distributed systems. The recent focus on hypermedia-driven APIs together with initiatives such as the Web of Things and Linked Data are now promoting and advancing the development of a new generation of dynamic, open, and long-lived systems on the Web. This evolution raises new challenges: to discover, consume, and integrate hypermedia-driven APIs at runtime, Web clients have to become increasingly autonomous in pursuit of their design objectives. Such autonomous systems have been studied to a large extent in research on multi-agent systems (MAS). This talk explores the intersection of Web and MAS research, and discusses a new class of MAS designed for the Web. These MAS, which we call Hypermedia MAS, use hypermedia as a general mechanism for uniform interaction such that they are aligned with the Web architecture and inherit its properties. The talk covers several demonstrators, in particular a prototypical system for industrial manufacturing developed at Siemens Corporate Technology, and discusses some of the challenges and implications of bringing autonomous systems on the Web.

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