Studying abroad

If you want to study abroad as part of an established programme (ERASMUS, CREPUQ...), you will need to choose the university you want to attend and get in touch with the Director of International Relations.

How to prepare your year abroad in 5 steps :


1. October / November: Find out about the partner universities to find the one that corresponds to :

- The course specialty/path

- The desired language (English, Spanish, Italian, German).

- The desired country / city.

Lists available here : CREPUQ/BCI (Canada),  ERASMUS + (Europe and around), Other countries and institutions in bilateral agreement



2. November / December: Establish a learning agreement for a semester or a year, using the partner university websites.


This learning agreement will have to be validated by the International Relations (IR) officers : Download the provisional document

Claudie Manier (in charge of IR - students) - 
Olivia Vitetta  (in charge of IR - establishments) - 

This document will serve as a mock-up of the year or semester abroad, with the number of credits required: 30 ECTS credits * per semester; 60 ECTS credits * per year.

(* ECTS in Great Britain are doubled, half in Canada)



3. December / January: Create a paper file according to the program:


CREPUQ / BCI (Canada) - Download: the application file for the year 2017-18, the contrat of study, the procedure to follow
ERASMUS + (Europe and around) - Download the file for the year 2017-18

To also constitute an online file by registering for a mobility on the site of the University. Print your application.



4. January (Deadline 11/01/2017 for departure in 2017-2018).

Sign and stamp his paper file by educational officials and international relations; Depost it in 3 copies, before the deadlines of the programs, with Murielle Calogero at the International Relations office  - 04 92 29 65 25.



5. May / June:

Once you have obtained a favorable reply from UNS and the University abroad, apply for a scholarship if you are eligible.

Grant Information

L'UNS has been informed that the plenary assembly of the Regional Council, held on 24th June 2016, decided to call a halt to the Regional Programme for Student Mobility Assistance (PRAME). The financial support that the Region provided to UNS students for their foreign studies will therefore be ceasing and will not be available for the 2016-2017 university year. Given this problem, UNS is looking for solutions to supports its students with their international mobility projects. The PRAME system for work placement mobility has, however, been maintained.



    Information "Internships"


    Internships abroad can be financed - by an ERASMUS + scholarship (internship in Europe) or by a PRAME scholarship (internship outside Europe). Find all the information on the UNS website :


    Our partner, Masaryk University (Brno, Czech Republic), offers a website that brings together internship offers in English near its university :


    Complementary information




    • Mobility information on the ANESTAPS websiteThe ANESTAPS, National Association of STAPS Students, publishes on its site a tab reserved for Student Mobility, focusing on the STAPS program. Presentation of the programs, preconceived ideas, cartography, testimonials ... This tool was created to help STAPS students to imagine what student mobility really is.


    • Information on the buddy system. Would you like to exchange more - cultural, linguistic, social - with foreign students already on our campuses ? You can register in the "buddy system".
    • Information on ESN activities . "Erasmus Student Network" is a network of student associations that host international students and offer activities in their respective cities. They also take care of students wishing to leave abroad.