Initial enrolment


If you are a future student and you want to enrol on a Sciences and Techniques of Physical and Sports Activities bachelor's degree 1st year course or if you are already a student in the Faculty of Sports Sciences and you want to re-enrol.



The Sciences and Techniques of Physical and Sports Activities bachelor's degree is, as with other university disciplines, open to all students who have passed their baccalaureate (or equivalent) and who have followed the administrative timetable set out on this page.

However, before beginning STAPS studies, you should be aware that:  

  • any baccalaureate passed in the Academy of Nice allows you to enrol on a STAPS degree course, but a science-option baccalaureate will be more helpful with biological disciplines, a literary-option baccalaureate will be more helpful for social sciences as well as in examinations which require a high standard of written and oral expression.
  •  Sciences and Techniques of Physical and Sports Activities degree courses only involve a small proportion of time devoted to sporting activities: 6 hours per week compared to 20 hours per week of classroom-based learning.


Being successful in  Sciences and Techniques of Physical and Sports Activities studies involves:


  • being an athlete: being in good physical condition, participating in a sporting activity on a regular basis, for several years and having reached a respectable level in it, knowing about the sporting world and sports culture.
  • being ready to undertake large amounts of academic work in order to gain knowledge and add depth to your reflections in a variety of scientific domains.



French or foreign students who have just passed their baccalaureate (or equivalent), for students who are retraining (already at the university or coming from other courses such as Technical and Scientific Baccalaureates [BTS] etc.)

You must, without fail, follow this procedure : portail parcoursup : 

The timetable for enrolment is as follows :

Enrolment, choices and ordered list :

    • From 20th January to 20th March 6PM for all courses.


Possibility of altering your ordered list of choices:


    • From 20th January to 31st May


Confirmation deadline:

    • 2nd April

Admission phases : consultation and candidate responses :

    • First phase: 8th June 2PM/consultation and replies until 13th June 2PM
    • Second phase: 25th June 2PM/consultation and replies until 30th June 2PM
    • Third phase: 14th July 2PM/consultation and replies until 19th July 2PM

Online form can be filled in by clicking on the following link :


Replies before summer 2018


After confirmation of enrolment on the post-baccalaureate admissions site or a positive reply to your admissions application

    • The procedure will be explained in a message from the post-baccalaureate admissions site for students who have just passed their baccalaureate (or equivalent).
    • For this year, enrolment will be paper-free with the option of paying directly online. Enrolment then continues on the university website at this link
    • No appointment is required for students who have just passed their baccalaureate (or equivalent), who have followed the post-baccalaureate admissions procedure and have had their option confirmed by the Faculty of sports sciences. You will need to send all supporting documents via internet by following the procedure set out.
    • We remind you that presentation of a medical certificate is obligatory in the admissions procedure.
    • A meeting prior to the beginning of term will take place in early-September (the date will be announced later on) for first-year bachelor's degree students.
    • Students who have not submitted their application by this date will have to come with a medical certificate confirming that they can participate in all sporting activities.


Please see the following sections: Enrolment with special dispensation or Transfers according to your situation.


    • Enrolment takes place online and fully paper-free on the University website via this link.
    • You have the option of paying for enrolment directly online.
    • The supporting documents required (in particular your medical certificate) must be handed in online as part of this process. 
    • Pre-term dates will be announced later on the faculty of sports sciences website.



As part of the paper-free enrolment process for :


- students enrolled in the first year of a  Sciences and Techniques of Physical and Sports Activities bachelor's degree who have followed the post-baccalaureate admission procedure and having received confirmation of their option

- students who are repeating a year in the faculty of sports sciences or who are in the continuity of their bachelor's degree or Master's degree course,

- the entire procedure will take place online this year. You can pick up your student card once your supporting documents have been validated:

- following a timetable which will be announced at a later date from 18th July then from 29th August

- pre-term dates, according to the procedures which will be outlined at a later date.